Newsletter – Bromley Art Society – website and related changes 30 Sept 2018


Bromley Art Society – website and related changes

Please note that Kate and I have now moved the website to a new host. The website is
currently empty and we will start rebuilding it in a few days time when
the changeover is stable, and we both have time. We have changed the
tool used to construct it (to WordPress, for those interested) and Kate
replaces me as webmaster.

During the changeover period, and for as long afterwards as we need it,
I shall maintain the old site at

There are several other consequences:

I have had to re-construct the newsletter to come from this address, so
that you will have had an email joining you to the “new” newsletter at

The email addresses linked to the domain, eg
may not work and I shall change them in due course.

Please be patient whilst we work our way through this!

Adrian Fowle

Chairman, Bromley Art Society.