Studio Session Profiles

Here are just a few of some great artwork produced by members at our friendly Wednesday studio sessions. Please revisit this page again as we will be adding other participants work in the coming weeks. Why don’t you join them?

If you would like to join why not try sending in a picture of a portrait of yourself or something you have created that you are proud of and would like to share to Paul Stringfellow at Give us a go!

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Joan Hatton

Hello everyone. Hope you are all keeping busy and well through the Coviod-19 crisis.

 I’m here to tell you a little bit about my art and why I enjoy it so and why the Wednesday group at Ripley is such an inspiration for my artwork.

I guess my interest in all things creative began as a child. Playing with crayons, pencils and paper. Dad bought me my first sewing machine for a 15th Birthday present. I’ve always adored fashion, interior design and perhaps from that stemmed my life long love of playing with colour. Although I never attended art college at school I was part of the needlework department and we worked on costumes throughout the year for our school play. Some costumes were of an historical nature and we tried to be as true to the period as possible. Some of the work was quite detailed and intricate.

Since retiring and discovering the joy of painting I guess I love working with oils most. I love the richness of the medium and how you can move it round the canvas. That said working with the humble pencil brings me great joy.

I was greeted at Ripley by warmth and friendship despite being full of nerves on my first visit. The group is always willing to share tips and ways to use a medium that perhaps you are trying for the first time. The group is a combined font of knowledge and is always willing to share that knowledge openly and in an enjoyable way.

For me observation is the key to creating a piece of work that pleases me. I love working on a large canvas and really enjoyed creating my roses. I also enjoy having a go at portraiture from time to time.

Roses – oil on canvas
Rabbit – pencil
Gallagher brother – acrylic on canvas