2021 Programme

During Covid – 19 restrictions all meetings have moved online via Zoom generally at 7pm but times may vary.

Throughout the year we are additionally planning to extend our online offerings including art socials, challenges, exhibitions and more.

Keep an eye out for Newsletters and return to this website frequently to keep an eye out for events as they emerge. Please note that these are subject to change as the pandemic and vaccine campaign evolve.

Friday 8th January

“Art Matters” Introducing our special Zoom social.

Update to our painting challenge “Ring out the old, ring in the new”.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Alfred Tennyson,

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Friday 5th February.

Melanie Cambridge

Seascapes and beaches in oil

Friday 5th March


Painting challenge “Ring out the old, ring in the new” results.

Friday 2nd April.

Richard Waldron

Tigers, Chalks and Pastels

“I paint landscape, portrait, still life; telling a story or expressing an emotion, emphasising light, tone and colour.

I work in a varied style but mostly “post-impresssionist”, or “academic” rendering”.


In 2015 Richard won Bronze Frame in the international ArTTable Be Still competition with a watercolour still life and had 4 other pieces exhibited.

In 2020 he won the accolade of the SAA Best Professional Still Life Artist.

Friday 7th May

Tim Wilmot

Landscape watercolour

Tim Wilmot is based in Bristol UK and a 100% watercolour artist.  

“So I’ve painted on and off all my life.  I love watercolour.   Most people say it’s the most difficult painting medium to use – after all if you make a mistake, that’s it.  Do the same in oils, and you can paint over it.  So it’s the challenge I think with watercolour to pull a painting off, but also it’s about some of the unique things you can do with watercolour that is difficult or impossible with say oils – e.g. try and do what they call ‘wet in wet’ in oils!  I also love the spontaneity of  watercolour and the speed at which you can work, often being able to complete a painting in under 2 hours.  Also the freshness you can get with watercolour, the attempt to make one brush stroke work just right and it communicates exactly what I want”.

Friday 4th June

Colin Barnett

Portraits and abstracts

“Picking up a pencil constantly and drawing at a very young age, taught me the value of creating something from nothing. Further education at Art College, enhanced my confidence and skill set. It was my early career in Architectural design and construction, that really exposed me to the technical side of Art”.

Friday 2nd July

Peter Richards TBA

“The work I make as an Artist, mainly abstract paintings made with rollers, fingers and even brushes, are intended to be looked at slowly and given time to ‘speak’ to the viewer. They are intended to be the subject of your contemplation, to be lived with, to be seen when you have time. My wood-cuts also rely on colour combinations for your eye to enjoy and are both abstract and landscapes. I make small wood-cut seascapes and abstract works using oil-pastel and litho-inks”.

Friday 6th August

Summer break

Friday 3rd September

Greg D’Souza TBA


Friday 1st October – Friday 5th November TBA

Friday 3rd December

Christmas Event