2021 Programme

Friday 4th June

Colin Barnett


Tonight’s demonstration is by one of our popular own members and says of his demo;

“Here is a general breakdown on my abstract journey and a basic breakdown on what I will be showing.

First off, my view on abstract creation is extremely broad and open. The intention is not to have an a pre-planned idea of what the end goal is, or what a piece will end up looking like. For me it’s ultimately about emotion, expression, creating visual interest, pleasing to the eye and the enjoyment of experimenting. 

I have never been a great fan of abstract Art, but when I decided to give it a go, a few years ago. There was no turning back. The demonstration time is limited, so I will do 3 fairly basic paintings to stay within the allotted time. The techniques I use are mostly layered, which means drying time between them, so I will do a few prep 1st layer dried pieces (before I start) to show a more in depth view of my layering process.
For the Acrylic pouring, it involves a lot of time consuming paint preparation. Which I will explain also.
The paint styles I will do are:*Acrylic pouring – swipe/dirty/ring (all 3 if time allows)*Palet knife colour swipes on canvas sheets.*Alcohol ink on Plastic.

Here are some examples of what I done, so you have an idea of what to expect. Obviously nothing will be exact replicas to what I have done before, as every piece is about how the paint moves etc…
Regards Colin”

Here is a link to a video recording of Colin’s Demo for BAS https://youtu.be/8292mupu3Mo

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“Dutch Pour” Originally coined and created by Artist Rinske Douna (who is Dutch)

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