Here are a selection of links that have been recommended by members or referred to in talks and demonstrations. Disclaimer -please note that Bromley Art Society (BAS) can not be held responsible for the content of these links.

Friday discussions “I’ll tell you about my atelier”

Setting up an art studio at home (Adrian Fowle 27/01/2021).

Studio tours on the Mall Galleries Facebook page

Adabanje Alade

David Curtis (Deborah Masters 26/01/2021).

Painting in the cold

In this wintry weather you might wonder if you can paint in the cold. has all the answers you need, at least for the Golden range. I rather liked the idea of painting with gin! Of course painters and decorators know this too. There is a nice image of cracked paint from painting at too low a temperature. I did look up what “minimum film formation temperature” is about, but it is clearly too complex a subject. Also, whilst I love walking in wintry conditions with good clothes on, the idea of standing still to paint for hours has very limited appeal in the cold. (Adrian Fowle 26/01/2021).

Royal College of Physicians.

The Royal College of Physicians holds many interesting historical and artistic resources, including portraits of past presidents. Some are going to be displayed on line during 2021. Keep an eye on (Adrian Fowle 26/01/2021).

The Royal Drawing School

has recently started a new series of online lectures: Creative Conversations. Last weeks was between 2 women whose drawings are autobiographical  and focus on the tension between Motherhood and being an Artist. I am sure many members can relate to this!. It is on their website if you would like to take a look, as are many other past discussions and information about future ones. (Deborah Masters 26/01/2021).

Digital Art

Digital art has cropped up as a talking point at various moments during our Art Matters meetings.

Software suggestions have included:

Rebelle 4. This originally focused on mimicking the watercolour experience but has just recently expanded to include oils.

Of note some excellent free open source digital software for the artist which are available across Windows, OS and Linux are :

Gimp –

Inkscape –

Krita –

Blenda for 3D artwork

There are many others and for those who have a more recent iPad or iPhone the Notes App that comes as standard can now be used to draw – you can use your finger though a cheap stylus (e.g. 50p in pound stretcher) is a good investment. (Paul Stringfellow 12/2/21)