Members online “bring” and buy, sell or donate.

Welcome to our new online “bring and buy” page. If you would like to donate or sell any of your unused Art items to either your choice of charity or Bromley Art Society you can advertise here. Please note that Bromley Art Society cannot accept responsibility for the items and services or the contents of links here on our website. Members should exercise due care.

If you are interested in any of the items below, unless otherwise stated, please contact Paul Stringfellow

Full size Daler Rowney wooden easel available for a donation to Cancer research

Glenys Crane volunteers in a Cancer Research shop which has just had a refit and we are no longer allowed to sell donated paintings, so the easel is made redundant.  The only snag is that the piece which would have held the ratchet in place is missing and it now has string to keep it in place.  It still works up and down okay though and I expect someone would be able to think of a better answer than a piece of string!  

If your interested please contact Glenys on 07767 472423 or email glenys Crane