Member Websites

List of member websites to buy, commission work or just explore and enjoy.

Emily Brand – Fine artist – Working in oils & acrylics, her main focus is on colour, which she uses to explore different subject matters ranging from abstract pieces to more traditional landscapes –

Ailsa Chapman – Fine artist – She paints in acrylics, pastels and digitally, mainly flowers and other botanical subjects with a few landscapes and still lives. She also produces greeting cards

Tony Fandino – Fine artist – Capturing moments in time, in true definition, with sunlight and shade in his work. His landscapes are collected internationally

Katheryn Gardner – Fine artist – Painting mainly in watercolour and acrylic, she paints colourful animals, birds and buildings –

Jane Gibson – Pottery – A well known potter with 5 books published, she makes her unique pottery using pit firing and her own paper kiln technique

Estelle Grandidier – Sculptor – Her art is mostly about being a woman and through body parts,comments on fragility, death and love. Working in clay, her aesthetics has been shaped by Modigliani, Matisse, Giacometti and African Arts.

Emil Nikolla – Portraitist – Emil reached the semi-final of 2019 Sky Portrait Artist of the Year. His extraordinary and spontaneous use of colour is the most personal feature of his work –

Brenda Parsons – International Textile Artist – She creates artworks in both 2D and 3D for home and business settings, as well as large installations as exhibition pieces for galleries or commercial settings.

Zsuzsanna Pataki – Fine artist – Working in oils or acrylics, her vibrant palette knife landscape paintings are excitingly contemporary and her portraits stunning –

Jules Pew – Fine artist – She is known for painting epic, symbolic scenes from legend or her imagination and for her personalised portraits –

Mania Row – Fine artist – Based on memory & observation of life around her studio, she paints animals, birds, flowers, portraits, boats and the sea –

Paul Stringfellow – Watercolourist – He enjoys exploring and discovering depth and textures cast through light of well loved places and people or those that intrigue him –