Art Matters 16th April

With the Easter break upon us members were challenged to create something from Art History. Either a copy or a updating of a earlier work. We saw a fabulous collection of works – from Magritte’s in Facebooks, to Cubist still lives of speakers and kitchen rolls to more traditional copies as well as tales of the Lowry that got away.. Here are a few of the works we shared.

Angela Newton After Nicholas Canyon by David Hockney
Angela Newton Arcos de la Frontera inspired by Hockney

Joyce Brown was inspired by Sisley
Nellie was inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflowers in this Oil pastel
Nellie was inspired by the Soraya exhibition a few years back to do this copy. of his Children in the Sea. Oil Pastel
Colin Barnett Girl with a. Pearl Earring in pen
Colin Barnett a Graffitti Mona Lisa
Deborah Masters Copy of Monet’s The beach at Trouville. Oil

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