Galina Stefanova

I am a contemporary artist – a painter, and an art therapist.

In my art searches during the years I became more and more fascinated by internal and external transformations. I “zoom in” to the scene, then seek the “heart” of the object and the meaning behind. I search the reflection in my own heart, build connections and structure, and look for feelings which could explain the attraction to and the similarities with the object. 

The range of emotions I explore is wide: feelings of freedom or restriction to it; joy or uneasiness; peace or struggle.
My searches have been influenced by psychological and therapeutic ideas about our inner world (part of it semi-conscious or unconscious), which colours our thoughts, feelings, decisions and acts.
Looking at the world through the glasses of an art therapist probably also helped shaping my approaches, attitudes and perspectives in art.

My preferred media is oil paint, soft pastels and acrylics.



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