Mary Stirling

A House in the Country

I love going to the countryside on holiday which I find relaxing and refreshing. This would be a cottage where I would like to stay. 
I find that I am smiling and feeling happy just looking at it.

Punting on the River

When I painted this picture, I thought about the time I went punting with some school friends and Pat, who was punting very enthusiastically, held onto the punt for too long and fell head long into the river. I also thought about the lovely times we had when I visited my brother who was studying at Cambridge including the memorable time my brother, sister and I and friends went to a May Ball.   There weren’t enough women so my sister and I were often invited to parties. It’s great to reminisce. 

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Mary Stirling, A House in the Country, Watercolour

Mary Stirling, Punting on the River, Watercolour

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  1. Loved reading your stories Mary! Instantly recognised your paintings. Well done!

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