Paul Stringfellow

A news year’s hope.
Ring out, Wild Bells – A New Year’s song – Alfred Tennyson sung by Alana Levandoski

“A new year’s hope”.

Alfred Tennyson’s is said to be inspired to write the poem “Ring out Wild Bells” that contains the line “Ring out the old, ring in the new”  in the opening line of the second stanza whilst he was staying near High Beach in Epping forest. He heard the bells in the distance from Waltham Abbey Church ringing out the old year and ringing in the new.

The painting is an imaginary scene which depicts people approaching the abbey whilst the last of the night sky is dying on the left but the bright sun contrasted on the right. They are heading to receive their vaccine (a new hope) from the NHS (as in the last stanza – valiant, free, big hearted and kind)  tent pitched outside the abbey. They then proceed to their freedom they have been given and celebrate by dancing on the ice on the ponds in Epping forest . The church at the bottom of the valley is High Beach Church near where Alfred Tennyson was staying.


Waltham Abbey Church and NHS vaccination tent
Mountains and frosty light.
High Beach Church and skaters
Heading for vaccination

4 thoughts on “Paul Stringfellow

  1. Thank you Paul for your thoughtful and artistic interpretation of the theme.
    I also really enjoyed the musical accompaniment to your lovely watercolour (?)

    Thank you too for taking on the double role on committee, enabling the BAS to thrive. ( I was membership Secretary for about 10 or 12 years so know what you were faced with!)

    1. Thank you Brenda for your kind comment
      It is very much my privilege to be able part of BAS.
      Kind regards Paul

    1. Thank you Nellie – and you spotted my influence of Bruegel’s hunters in the snow!

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