Studio Session Profiles

Paul Stringfellow

Painting for me is feeling a connection and a sharing with others. Many of my paintings are of places that I have explored along with my family, returned too, become intimately acquainted with and loved over time.

After leaving school with my A level Art, my creative aspirations were dampened by having to take on anything that would give me a reliable income. However, through an opportunity I was given, I found I had an aptitude to computer development that I pursued in various guises up to my retirement as a senior systems development manager for HSBC. Not something you may think that is very creative! but I always found myself in a role in a business where computer technology was first being introduced. Here I could creatively find solutions that empowered people in some way. It is this, supplemented with the occasional watercolour picture I painted with my family vacations in Cornwall, which kept the threads of my creative spirit alive until my retirement.

Now I am retired I am free to take time, visually explore and take in my surroundings again. I discovered Bromley Art Society that I have personally found a great inspiration that gives me the impetus, confidence and opportunity to be able to share my drive for connecting through art with others.

I came across the Bromley Art Society about two years ago and was met immediately with a warm welcome when I went along to the Wednesday drop-in group. Everyone was supportive and introduced me to new materials and different aspects of the art world.

I have not looked back. I enjoy meeting like minded people, and joined the committee to do what I can for this fantastic group of people and challenge myself to do things I would never of dreamed of if I had not joined the art society for which I am very thankful.

Kelsey Herbaceous
Keston Ducks
Local River Walk