Studio Session Profiles

Barbara Cross

My first interest in the arts began when I first picked up a guitar and tinkled with the piano keys at around the age of 9. So music was my first introduction to “The Arts”.

I was lucky that I managed to earn a living writing music (pop) and only “actively retired” from that field when I had my first baby. From writing music/lyrics I then turned to writing stories, but eventually found that to be a very solitary hobby even though I have made some lovely friends in that field.

As I have always loved visiting art galleries I guess trying my luck at painting was the next step, particularly as this was one I could share and do with other like minded people. My preferred medium is oil (water based as no smell and easier for cleaning brushes). I also enjoy acrylics. I have had no training I just do it just for the love of it.

Bromley Art Wednesday Drop-In is perfect as I get the chance to be with and paint and learn with other liked-minded people.

I choose the two different styles of portrait painting: Mick Jagger in acrylics in a cartoonist manner and the other painted very loosely in oils. My hero is Lucien Freud.

Mick Jagger
Morgan Freeman