Studio Session Profiles

Gilly Hewstone

I didn’t want to go to art lessons! The only good thing about art at School was the art materials store cupboard which smelled wonderful and was a great place to hide when in trouble. My paintings were awful and I was told to drop art and do needlework instead.  Many years later and being a dab hand with the sewing machine I decided to try free style machine embroidery but to do this I would have to draw a design on the fabric.  Just one problem, I couldn’t draw.  I booked a 6 week drawing course with a lovely man who is no longer with us and fell in love with pencils, paper and lots and lots of rubbers.  The sewing machine was promptly put away.

I then started art lessons at Art for All in Bromley where some time later Gregg de Souza became our teacher.  Greg has a studio in his garden where several of our BAS friends meet every Saturday. Greg has been an inspiration, always positive and a fantastic tutor in every medium.

Pencil is my first love, but I enjoy pastels which I used for the picture of my beautiful granddaughter Imogen, and I dabble with oils and acrylic. My watercolours are still pretty awful and if I’m honest remind me too much of school lessons.

I have been a member of BAS for many years. I didn’t realise quite how much the Wednesday meetings really mean to me until we had to stop due to Covid 19, when the Wednesday sessions stopped, so did I. It isn’t just the beautiful paintings and craftwork that our members produce that inspire me, it is the whole package. The friendships, never judgemental, the laughter, the banter, the silence, the coffee and biscuits and sometimes the cake, but always the company, it’s great.

I enjoy drawing mountain gorillas, raptors, portraits cats and dogs, I’ve enjoyed drawing sumo wrestlers and the entire English Rugby Team.  I have recently tried my hand at pouring acrylics and alcohol inks which are great fun, especially with grandchildren.

Favourite artists include H R Giger (he will not be to everyone’s taste) Michael Morgan, Georgia Okeefe, John Hoyland (I’m lucky enough to have a signed book), Hopper and Jack Vettriano (yes I honestly do) and many more. I have smuggled in hundreds of art books and love them all, especially Giger.  My sewing machine now resides with my daughter.

Braided hair
My sister Jan
Not very PC