Welcome to Bromley Art Society

We are a bunch of artists that come together for exhibitions, demonstrations and general chat. As you can see from the slide slow below, we are an eclectic group, whose styles run from very traditional to abstract. We are very friendly and always pleased to meet new members.

Jules Pew - Sunflower Madonna
Emily Brand - Amy Winehouse
Carol Seal - Jaguar
Jeremy Wolfe - Kanizsa Triangle
Anthony Boland - The Emperor's Vase
Estelle Grandidier - Homage to Modigliani
Julia Nolan Rivers - abs Seven hills
Jules Pew - Abstract Poppies
Raymond Clementson - Rock Band
Caroline Ross - Waterside Village
Emily Brand - George Michael
Carol Seal - Tiger
Eva Davidova - Bluebells I
Jules Pew - Wild is the Wind (Flora & Zephyr)
Carol Barry - Hats
Charlotte Keelan - Willow
Charlotte Keelan - Tip Toe
Jules Pew - The Blues
Jessica Smith - Silver Trees
Malcolm Tait - Stormy Sea
Emily Brand - Skies VIII
Jules Pew = The Pink Butterfly
Eva Davidova - Bluebells II
Kathryn Gardner - St Paul's Cathedral
Emily Brand - Skies XVII
Jules Pew - Albert was being Bugged
Carol Barry - Brighton
Raymond Clementson - Cornish Harbour
Carol Barry - Horses
Zsuzsanna Pataki - Lily Pond Gold Flow
Jeremy Wolfe - Kanizsa Square I
Carol Seal - Lion
Carol Barry - Flappers
Jane Gibson - Pots
Raymond Clementson - Old Farm
Jules Pew - Golden Dragon
Maggie Ward - Jaguar Cub
Emily Brand - Skies XIV
Maggie Ward - Beach Warriors
Raymond Clementson - Greenwich Market
Zsuzsanna Pataki- Barcelona Medieval in Gold
Emily Brand - Grey Collage
Eva Davidova - Bluebells III
Aferdita Fazliu-Drozd - A Snowy Day
Anthony Fandino Formentor - Beach
Carol Barry - Tea Room
Jessica Smith - Blue Trees
Anthony Boland - The Big Smack
Carol Seal - Taxi & Bus
Charlotte Keelan - Bubbles
Aferdita Fazliu-Drozd - Half Dome
Estelle Grandidier - Homage to Modigliani
Jan Wilson - Harvest Cropped
Maggie Ward - Entwined
Kathyrn Gardner - Zebra
Julia Nolan - Lake Baikal
Jessica Smith - Pink Flower
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